Professional FM/AM antenna phantom Opel 2004-2010 mast 20cm

Kod: 40754
Producent: KAWU

Category:Car antennas


Professional FM/AM roof antenna for Opel with high gain amplifier with original mast The antenna is the equivalent of the original antenna used for the first assembly. It performs AM / FM radio reception functions The antenna has a built-in high-quality SMD amplifier, which is located in the antenna foot. The antenna amplifier inside the antenna has Phantom power, which means that it is powered through the internal wire (antenna cable). The antenna works with any factory or non-factory radio with installation with Opel connector. In the case of a non-factory radio, it is necessary to use antenna separator (which you will find here), which supplies power to the internal wire of the antenna cable. The antenna does not work with an external antenna amplifier. Specifications below


Compatibility: Opel 2004-2010 External antenna base thread: M14 Twisted mast: yes Mast length: 20 cm Cable length: 27.5 cm Opel connector - FM / AM signal,